To merge or not to merge?

22 May 2017
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, fundraising may benefit from more organisations joining forces.

With more than 160,000 charities, the UK has the most established voluntary sector in the world. However, according to the Charities Aid Foundation, there are just 14 main causes to which the public donates. Admittedly, a significant proportion of registered charities are not “charities” as the public would recognise them.

For example, there are 12,500 parent...

Financial uncertainty or risk of insolvency?

20 September 2016

Lack of foresight, broken promises, unavoidable circumstances, insufficient financial forecasting, unexpected expenses... whatever the reasons, insolvency leading to charity closure is painful and hard to accept.

For most charities, the biggest concern is always for its service users, followed by the staff but do the Trustees know their responsibilities and liabilities?

Caroline Clark, an experienced Insolvency practitioner and long-standing Trust volunteer provides her...

Don't settle for Mr Alright

20 September 2016

Back in 2014, our CEO wrote a fun but thought-provoking blog about trustees. Given the scrutiny charity trustees have been under recently, we thought that Amanda's blog was more relevant than ever.

So here it is again, two years down the road but just as pertinent today as it was back then.

How many women looking for Mr Right have just settled for Mr Alright? It’s an easy temptation, but one you can live to regret.


Governance Workshop for The Robertson Trust Charities, presented by The Cranfield Trust – April 2016

20 June 2016

There was definitely no time for April foolery at the Glasgow Robertson Trust offices on the 1st April 2016. Representatives from 21 Scottish charities had devoted valuable time at the end of their working week to learn more about how they and their Boards could together, secure and improve service provision.

There were no practical jokes or hoaxes, there was no need for icebreakers or introductions, all delegates got actively involved in meeting each other, debating and discussing...

Why aren’t more charities using this government hand-out?

31 March 2016

For the last 25 years Gift Aid has been one of the largest sources of “free” income for the charity sector. This tax year HMRC will refund over £1,200 million to charities and other voluntary organisations, a figure that has been growing pretty consistently over time at above inflation rates. That £1,200m is the basic rate income tax that had been paid by generous donors before they made their...

May the Force(s) be with you

2 June 2015
We’re working on our business plan at The Cranfield Trust, and this year alone we have started 67 pro bono strategic and business planning projects for small and medium charities, thanks to our volunteer consultants.


14 May 2015

Think it's only for the big beasts in the jungle? Prepare to think again.

The Cranfield Trust calls all seasoned business professionals – it’s the Wild West out there!

26 March 2015

Charities need to find their niches and specialisms, and to be business like to compete with commercial providers – and with each other.

Britain’s got Talent - for giving

27 January 2015

Employers are increasingly looking for managers with 'good characters'. How can we build a culture of giving?

Help The Cranfield Trust find 100 more volunteers in 2015

8 January 2015

As charities become an increasingly important part of our society, we need more volunteers to support and strengthen them. We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers for all that they do for charities and are asking your support in finding more amazing people to join us in 2015!