Help The Cranfield Trust find 100 more volunteers in 2015

Author: Alice Dabrowska
Posted: 8th January 2015

Cranfield Trust volunteers are brilliant.  Your experience and willingness to give precious time is reflected in the great work and reputation of The Trust - thank you!

As the memories of New Year celebrations begin to fade I hope it's not too late to make another resolution for 2015 - we'd like to ask you to invite a friend or colleague to join The Cranfield Trust volunteer group.  Please share your experiences with them, or ask them to read those of the other volunteers showcased on our website.

As I write we have 775 registered volunteers, we need more, especially outside London.  Can you help us this year to add another 100? If we all just asked one other person in our professional network...let's see what we can do together.

Why do we need more volunteers?

Charities are an increasingly important part of our society

In 2015 we want to work with even more charities.  Our 25th anniversary ambition is to support 10,000 charities over the next few years.  The need for charities and their services is growing - have a look at the graph below - and charities need good management support.  

Ipsos MORI Importance of Charities in Society

These Ipsos MORI  figures show how we have become increasingly reliant on  charities in times of government austerity; and NCVO figures demonstrate that more and more services that were once provided by government are being pushed to charities. 

Our volunteers, partners and all our supporters share the view that a stronger charity sector makes for a better society for all of us.  At some point in our lives, we are all likely to draw on the services charities deliver.

A free and valuable service for charities

The support that The Trust provides is invaluable to small and medium charities, something that they can’t afford to buy.  

Our one-to-one bespoke management consulting work continues to receive amazing feedback, thanks to your dedication (see results table  from our client survey on the left).

HRNet, our employment advice service, continues to grow and reached 700 members this year; what an achievement!  

Thanks to your help and that of our corporate friends we successfully launched a programme of masterclasses. Feedback from these classes has encouraged us to continue, delegates said: “inspiring”, "presenters with great skills", "pro bono service which does not undersell".  

We have many other ideas to reach out to charities and support them to serve.



What do we offer our volunteers?

Without you, we could not make any of this happen, we aim to offer a professional and friendly service to our volunteers and charity clients.  You can continue to expect that:

  • All charity clients are visited to ensure that they are ready to work with a volunteer.
  • Each volunteer receives a project brief with all the things you would expect covered - benefits of the project, scope, background, organisation, deliverables, accountabilities and key dates.
  • Volunteers are matched according to their skills and proximity to the charity.
  • Project Managers approach volunteers when there is a project need from a charity. We know that this does not always match your availability and there is no pressure to accept.
  • Each of the projects is brokered by and supported throughout by a skilled Project Manager.
  • The focus is on transferring knowledge and acting as a facilitator, making best use of your precious time with a client.
  • We work hard to make every engagement successful for the charity and the volunteer - we are all at our best when we're having fun!

In addition, this year we want to give you more opportunities to volunteer with us and with our charity partners in a shorter, "bite-size" ways.  Watch out for more details coming soon.

Right now, we need more volunteers able to work with us as capable, independent management consultants around the country - so please ask your colleagues and contacts to get in touch, and help us to achieve our 2015 resolution to recruit another 100 volunteers!

Thank you.