Project Type: Strategy
Region: South West & Wales
The Cranfield Trust has worked with Stand Against Violence, helping it to grow from a start-up youth organisation to a nationally recognised charity.

On 25 September 2005 Adam Fouracre learned that his 17-year-old brother Lloyd had been beaten to death on a night out with friends in Somerset. Lloyd lost his life through the actions of others and the only reason for his untimely death was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Lloyd - Stand Against ViolenceAdam’s response to Lloyd’s death was to take action: he set up a charity, Stand Against Violence.  Stand Against Violence (SAV) works with young people across the South West, educating them in personal safety, managing anger and aggression, providing basic life support and first aid and raising awareness of the choices they can make, and the possible consequences of their actions.

Stand Against Violence

SAV delivers its services through schools and youth centres with workshops, assemblies and peer programmes.  The charity works closely with other organisations including the police, other violence prevention organisations and research bodies.  SAV’s knowledge is constantly kept up to date through unique partnerships with the Centre for Public Health based at the Liverpool John Moores University who specialise in violence and work closely with the World Health Organisation

Adam founded the charity when he was only 19, with a clear understanding and recent experience of how young people learn in secondary schools.  He understood how to work within youth organisations, and how to communicate effectively with young people, but what he didn’t have at this stage was experience in setting up and developing a successful charity – so he approached The Cranfield Trust for support.

Cranfield Trust Support - 2 projects and 2 volunteers

Cranfield Trust volunteer Bruce Nottrodt worked with Adam to review the work he was doing in getting Stand Against Violence off the ground.  They looked at the constraints, such as the initial scepticism Adam had to overcome in trying to work with youth services and local authority funders, and developed a consultative approach so that SAV’s plans were developed in partnership collaboration with these and other key stakeholders.  Bruce’s background in property and major capital projects had given him great experience in bringing together groups of people and managing successful collaborations.  As Bruce explained, ensuring that key people and organisations were involved at an early stage really helped to ensure “strong organic growth and national spread of the work being done. It gave SAV credibility to the point where previously hostile parties were giving their support.”

Stand against violence

Putting together a confident business plan and getting buy-in from key stakeholders was no mean feat  – but Adam’s ambitions for SAV depended on him putting his plans into practice really effectively.  Mentoring support can offer ongoing advice on a range of management issues – and through Cranfield Trust Project Manager Campbell McKee, Adam was matched with another Cranfield Trust volunteer, Terry Lewis, who offered to act as a mentor to Adam, helping him to develop his skills and confidence as he worked to build SAV’s activities.  

“I very much enjoyed working with Adam, finding him to be very focussed and clear about where he needed help.  Most of the time I found he had the answers and the key skills already – I just pointed him in the right direction and encouraged him to be more confident. I have certainly found it very interesting to learn about how SAV operates and enjoyed helping Adam move forward.”  Terry Lewis, volunteer

Stand against violenceAdam has found it helpful to have a sounding board for his plans and expert advice when needed:

 “My meetings with Terry continue to be very helpful.  They give me the opportunity to clarify and gain another perspective on my questions and I have found the help in respect to pitching and presenting very valuable. We have now secured a grant of £8k following a pitch in London and intend to do some more pitches in the near future. 

Terry has some fantastic and inspiring ideas going forward. It’s also beneficial and reassuring for me having the opportunity to discuss ideas. Terry is going to help us develop our training programme and has made some helpful suggestions around future plans which I have taken on board and incorporated into our business plan.”  Adam Fouracre

The Queen's Award for Voluntary ServiceAdam’s approach and work with SAV is truly inspiring, and the success of the charity is being widely recognised.  SAV has recently won a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service ‘for reducing and preventing interpersonal violence through education and primary intervention’. This is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK and acknowledges outstanding work in their communities.

Only a few weeks later, SAV won the Charity Times Award for Best Use of Technology 2014.  

Since Adam first started work with The Cranfield Trust he has built Stand Against Violence into a nationally recognised authority delivering effective work in reducing violence.  It’s an honour for The Cranfield Trust to be working alongside Adam.  

Stand Against Violence

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