Free business services for charities

We provide advice, guidance and skills to help charities become more effective and sustainable.

We have been helping charities to realise their vision for nearly 30 years. During that time we have worked with over 3,000 charities across the UK, providing pro bono management consultancy to around 300 organisations a year and advising over a thousand on HR issues through HRNet.

We provide two main services: 

Business people talkingManagement Consultancy Projects

Every year we provide valuable free management consultancy to hundreds of charities.

Our management consultancy projects are carefully planned with the help of our project managers and dedicated and skilled volunteers.

All of our projects are tailored to meet the specific need of the charity and cover topics such as strategic and business planning, marketing and communications, financial management, mentoring and coaching for managers. 

“We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with our Cranfield Trust volunteer. It has made an enormous difference to us as individual managers and at an organisational level. She was great fun to work with and we looked forward to every session. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service the Trust provides.”
 Debbie Powell, Director of Solihull Action Through Advocacy

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HR Advice

Our free online HR advice service is valued by over 1000 users and offers charities (registered in England and Wales) impartial information and advice on managing all aspects of employment and legislation. 

"The HR support provided by The Cranfield Trust was excellent. They took the time to listen to our needs and gave us a personalised response. The saying that "you get what you pay for" does not apply here. Top quality professional support and advice FREE.”
 Ian Tomlinson, Programme Director, Fix it UK.

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Our other services and resources


Light bulb with plant growing insideFree Training

Our Masterclasses deliver free training to charities on topics such as effective business planning, financial efficiency, marketing and good governance.  We are developing this section to allow you to gain a snapshot of the training and review some of the materials.  If you would like to attend a future training class, please keep an eye out for future events or contact us to register your interest.    

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Being under-resourced is a not unusual for many small to medium size charities and it is often a case of all hands on deck to get things done. We are developing useful resources, such as fact sheets on business planning, funding, governance, and marketing, along with  links to useful websites to help charities. This area will be developed over time, so please check back regularly for the latest updates. 

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