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Read what motivates our volunteers.

Andreas von Paleske 

"The real value to me is to be able to leverage my skills and experience in a way that adds value for a good cause.  This role enables me to give back in a field that often receives little attention in society, which is both important to me and is an interesting balance to my day job."

Andreas von Paleske, Global Head of Consumer, Actis



Steve Wilkins, Cranfield Trust volunteer

"My background and work experience allows me to respond to some HRNet questions with ease, especially those around general HR topics. But the cases I enjoy most are those that make me think about new and different situations - or those I wouldn't normally come across in a large private sector organisation. This is where, in researching the answers and considering the implications for a very different type of organisation, I find I learn as much from the project as those posing the questions."  

Steve Wilkins, HR Manager for FedEx Express, UK and Ireland. 




Mark Sturge, Cranfield Trust volunteer and MBA Scholarship winner

"Having been a recipient of the Cranfield Trust MBA Scholarship for the Voluntary Sector, I was delighted to join the Trust as a volunteer and have been able to work on several projects with organisations addressing a diverse range of issues. I have also been able to recommend the opportunity to friends and colleagues, who have been similarly impressed by the role they are able to play in supporting charities in need of business mentoring." 

Mark Sturge, Head of London Region for Christian Aid


Gaby Glasener-Cipollone Cranfield Trust Volunteer



“I enjoy my work driving change in businesses and I find it all the more rewarding to apply my skills and experience in the voluntary sector where it can release further benefits for the community. The enthusiasm and energy found in charities is very motivating and fulfilling and offers a different perspective to my day job."

Gaby Glasener-Cipollone, Managing Director of Cirrus Consulting


Alison Radvesky Cranfield Trust volunteer

“Managers in small charities often feel very isolated, so they appreciate knowing that they are not alone in the difficulties they are experiencing.  Telling them about solutions that have worked in other voluntary organisations always goes down well.”

Alison Radevsky, Voluntary Sector and Research Professional, Freelance 




“HRNet provides a great impetus to stay up-to-date with ever-changing employment legislation. Project work gives the opportunity for a deeper understanding of concerns facing charities, such as organisation/career development, salary structures and job evaluation. One project led directly to an invitation to become a Trustee which has been a very engaging and thought-provoking experience, especially as we wrestle with the challenge that affects nearly all charities – the ongoing funding of our activities.”

Dorothy Telfer, Management Consultant, Scott-Telfer


High skilled volunteering is an opportunity to pursue passions, engage with other networks, make a difference and have fun.

"I feel privileged when the phone rings and a Cranfield Trust Project Manager asks me to consider supporting one of their clients." Michael Lofthouse  

Pauline Moignard, Cranfield Trust volunteer"I have a long career in HR management in the public sector. As a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, I joined HRNet in 2005 following an article about a CIPD initiative in People Management. I undertook my first project assignment in February 2006."

"I enjoy the variety of Cranfield Trust HRNet questions and the opportunity to become involved in projects for those special organisations whose work is largely unknown to the wider community. Participating on HRNet also makes sure you keep up to date with current legislation and practice; questions and problems arise which you may not otherwise face, so it can be stimulating to have to think things through in a different context. I had not considered my own personal development when I started to volunteer but I am regularly learning something new and having to revise and research issues which I may not have dealt with for some time. It is and has been a stimulating opportunity to broaden my horizons."

Pauline Moignard, Freelance HR Specialist


Paul Ferry, Cranfield Trust Volunteer

"Working as a Cranfield Trust volunteer has been very rewarding as I have been able to support a local organisation based near my home in Manchester, while at the same time developing my network and broadening my horizons.  Being a local charity, this gave me the flexibility to fit the volunteering around my full time work responsibilities." 

 Paul Ferry, Corporate Development Director for MITIE



Sue Davidson, Cranfield Trust volunteer"With over 40 years' experience, from first-line management to Board level in international corporations and UK SME companies, I have really enjoyed my current role as an Interim Executive, parachuted in to lead challenged business units. Volunteering with Cranfield Trust looked like a worthwhile and logical next step, with potentially fascinating insights into a new sector. I am used to juggling projects like everyone else, so now I fit my volunteering around commercial assignments. 

It has been hugely rewarding and I have worked on four very different projects.  Two were for mature charities in the international development and UK justice sectors.  The others were two fast-growing educational charities, run by truly inspiring 20-something’s helping inner–city secondary pupils. I like working with clever, motivated, driven people. I would really encourage those in the private sector with years of transferable experience to give their time. It’s fascinating and useful, challenging and rewarding, and really provides continuing development of your own skills, knowledge and horizons."

Sue Davidson, Interim Executive

Photo of Ian Morely Cranfield Trust volunteer“Legislation and market trends are constantly changing and my response to many of the questions posed by HRNet members is “it depends”.  Many questions are very similar to those posed by FTSE 100 companies. Usually there is no black and white answer to questions and I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and giving ideas based on my experience and the knowledge I have built up over the years."

Ian Morely, Reward Consultant, Howdens Joinery Co


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